Ayurveda is a practice and a medical system that emphasizes living in rhythm with nature’s cycles. Nature’s cycles, such as the solar and the lunar phases, rule the seasons, temperature and harvest; and have a profound influence on each of us — in body and in mind.

When we refute the cycles that we observe in nature— we can observe lifestyle disharmonies  such as no longer sleeping well or craving unhealthy diets. When we pull away from nature's cues as a society, we observe a collective dismissal of our responsibility to be stewards of the earth. 

The therapeutic oils, lifestyle kits, cleanse programs and herbal blends procured by Hamsa Ayurveda emphasize our relationship with nature.  Through their use, you will awaken your inner awareness and ability to self-heal.  Our therapeutic oils are designed to provoke specific healing effects that are enhanced by the way you apply them and your intention behind their use.  The lifestyle kits teach you to slow down, and to infuse your daily activities with mindfulness. The cleanse programs go beyond taking a pill or herbal capsule.  Instead, they integrate powerful cleanse methods for the mind through meditation, and the body through diet and specific herbs. 

Collectively, our products remind you to take pause, to be aware of the sacred implications of your daily life, and of your personal relationship with nature.


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