Therapeutic Oils

The application of oil to the body has been highly revered in cultures all over the world for thousands of years.  In ancient Israel, the anointing with oil was considered a sacred act used for spiritual and political purposes.  A 'holy anointing oil' made of the essential oils from cinnanom, cassia, and myrhh is described in the Bible. The ancient Egyptian physicians were also adept perfumers who used essential oils to maintain external beauty.  Using oil to facilitate healing and spiritual awareness can be found in Chinese  and Australian aboriginal cultures.

In ayurvedic medicine, the application of oil is called 'snehana.' The word snehana means ‘to love,’ and thus the application of oil to the body is akin to applying love onto the tissues. It is considered a profound and nourishing act that powerfully heals the body, enhances the immune system, and increases longevity. 

Our oils are hand blended according to ayurvedic principles. Their use has physical benefits and positively influences the mind.  Each oil is intended to be applied in a specific manner in order to enhance its effect. 


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